“I have known Mr Adrian Allan of Elite Thoroughbreds since January 2008, when he made contact with me to seek my input on the selection of yearlings and to secure my training services. During this time I have found him to operate in an extremely professional manner in relation to our dealings. Essentially, Elite Thoroughbreds focus on buying strong, correct athletes, and this is clear given the early, consistent results at city level racing. He has clearly proven to be an asset to the industry and our stable operation.”

Gary Portelli (Sydney trainer)

“Our family has been involved in horse racing for a long time now, with ownership of a vast amount of horses amongst numerous trainers and syndicates. As an owner we have found three key things we look for when we invest; potential return on investment, quality of trainer and spelling facilities and communication. We have found that Elite Thoroughbreds have stood out amongst everyone else on these key factors for us. They don’t buy horses just to syndicate, Adrian does his homework and buys the right horses for the right prices to give the owners the best chance of a return on investment. The choice to use trainer Gary Portelli and Jazcom as a spelling farm, everyone in the industry knows that this combination is a proven winner. The communication is paramount and he is always quick to answer any questions, particularly when we were new with him and the feedback on the horses are always truthful and thorough. Elite are a proven winner for us and we strongly recommend them!”

John Young (Sydney, NSW)

“Elite Thoroughbreds have been fantastic to deal with. I find Adrian to be very approachable and honest, willing to seek answers from the trainer if needed – In general he simply goes that extra mile for the owners. The progress reports we receive every week are very informative and keep you up to date with each step along the way. I highly recommend Elite Thoroughbreds if you are thinking of entering into the exciting world of racing. I will not be going anywhere!”

Gloria McConnell (Gosford, NSW)

“If you want to deal with someone that will keep things straight forward, honest & fun, then look no further than Adrian Allan and Elite Thoroughbreds. It was my first venture into racehorse ownership and everyone promised me the world and gave me the usual spiel about their horse being an ‘early type’ and aiming up at the Golden Slipper. Then, on speaking with Adrian, he was very different in his approach. It was all about having some fun, being involved and not going in with unrealistic expectations. I really appreciated that upfront, honest approach and it was the reason why I felt I didn’t need to look any further. Great operator and a great guy!”

Joseph Daher (Sydney, NSW)

“God did I do my research! Countless phone calls, emails and visits to farms, stables and facilities looking for my first horse as it was something I have wanted to do for years. I swore my last call would be to the next person which happened to be Elite Thoroughbreds. On arriving at Bimbadeen for the inspection, I was warmly welcomed by Adrian. Once I decided to purchase the colt we were inspecting, I naturally got a little carried away and put my hand up for the remaining 20%. To my surprise, Adrian from Elite was quick to ‘put the brakes on’ and explain both sides of ownership and also the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect horse. The other syndicators I enquired with were your ‘typical salesman’ and really did nothing to help their case as they all seemed to have a horse that is ‘perfect’ (which I have learnt is almost impossible). Adrian from Elite on the other hand, did not pressure me and made sure that I was comfortable purchasing such a significant share for my first time. That straight forward, honest approach sealed the deal, and I have now purchased 50% between two outstanding horses and I plan to keep going (I am currently looking for my third job to help support this new found habit). It was rather refreshing to come across someone so open and honest and I will simply not go anywhere else. The personal service that Elite Thoroughbreds provides makes you feel like you are not just another number on the books… and that is what I appreciate most! Now I am looking forward to celebrating in the winner’s circle and by the looks of things that is not too far away as we seem to have a smart colt on our hands!”

Sam Melham (Melbourne, VIC)

“Having a share in a horse with Elite Thoroughbreds is the one of the most exciting experiences i’ve had. You don’t appreciate the level of detail that goes into getting a horse to the track until you get involved in horse ownership with Elite. From live updates from the various yearling sales on social media, through to helping you select the right horse for you, Adrian has been a completely dedicated man to deal with. From there you get to see your horse’s breaking in reports and every exciting step along the way to your horse’s race debut. The process Elite go through to select their yearlings is like a fine art and is strongly complemented by a master trainer such as Gary Portelli who always will do the right thing by your horse. This has been made abundantly clear with the outstanding guidance Gary has given to the horse my wife and i have a share in called Testashadow. Now a Saturday City winner, the photo on our wall says it all! Being lucky enough to have a city winner is one thing but it would not have been anywhere near as special without being on the journey right from the start and that is where Elite Thoroughbreds makes all the difference!”

Josh Cook (Sydney, NSW)

“Adrian has been easy to deal with and the utmost professional. I have been interested in owning racehorses for a long time and I rang several syndication services in looking to purchase a share in a racehorse. It has been an absolute delight so far to be dealing with a business that looks after its owners. The updates come on a weekly basis and shorter if the need arises. I have been so happy with the service so far that I now own a share in two racehorses and I have recently upped my stake in the second horse. When I call Adrian for what I think will be a quick phone call, he is very thorough and detailed in letting me know everything I should before I make a decision. His strengths are his attention to detail, his professionalism in dealing with owners and his management of horses. I am now taking a breather and am going to enjoy racing these two horses before I buy a few more shares in the future. I am really glad that I decided to give Elite a ring – they are Elite in every way!”

Duncan Lovelock (Tamworth, NSW)

“I had always wanted to somehow be involved in the racing industry, and after learning about the opportunity to buy shares in racehorses I started to do my research. What I didn’t realise is that there is so much more to being a racehorse owner than what meets the eye. The great thing about Elite is that I always feel like I am involved in every step of the process, and I know my horse is in the most capable hands with Adrian and Gary. The feeling of winning a Saturday City race with Miss Spoken is indescribable, but just to watch her line up against horses that cost 20 times as much as her, gives me an immense sense of pride! My next purchase will definitely be through Adrian and Elite Thoroughbreds”

Kris Boghossian (Sydney, NSW)

“I was keen to purchase a share in a racehorse. I looked at numerous syndicates and read numerous syndication packs. But when I contacted and then met Adrian, I knew I found a syndication service that I would feel comfortable with. Adrian was easy to deal with and talk to. He never pushed me to purchase. What I have found with Adrian that is different to the others is the follow-up services and support he provides. You find these days that once a sale has been made the follow-up service is non existent. This is certainly not the case with Elite. I am thoroughly impressed with the weekly communications, more frequent to the lead up to races or trials. Elite Thoroughbreds has provided me with outstanding service, responding quickly to inquires and helping me with my equine needs. I was very green at horse ownership and Adrian guided and educated me in the process. Since that time I am now in 3 different syndicates with Elite and will not look at any other syndicators!”

Paul Brown (Brisbane, QLD)

“I purchased a share in a filly now named Shady Favour with Elite and the whole process was just so easy. From the explanation of how things worked, right through to completing the finance application which was the easiest part, allowing me to own the share in the first place. I was always nervous going in being my first time, but I felt all that much better when Adrian was prepared to spend half an hour on the phone with me whenever I had a question. It won’t be my last time as we are already enjoying success with our city class 2 year old & 3YO Rosehill winner, and I certainly will not be going elsewhere. I appreciate the fact that Adrian is both straight forward and realistic, and aligned with a trainer that operates in the same manner. Icing on the cake is I am one for one now that our ‘Shady’ is a city winner. As for the communication, A1 is the best way to describe it!”

Rod Henrequez (Sydney, NSW)

“Hi Adrian, I just wanted to say I am really enjoying the experience so far with the horse and Elite. The communication and feedback has been excellent and above my expectations. The updates I receive from the other company with my first horse just do not compare. I really like knowing when to expect updates too. Looking forward to the next update to hear how all went for him this week!”

Chris Philp (Sydney, NSW)

“As this is my first venture into purchasing a share in a racehorse syndicate my initial concerns were quickly erased by the expert and clinical dialogue I received from Adrian and Gary from day one. I have been very impressed with Adrian’s professional approach to keep all shareholders updated with our horses progress at all times. Adrian’s attention to detail is second to none and together with a fantastic trainer in Gary Portelli this combination is indeed very a formidable one – and the array of winners in the ELITE colours proves that. Keep up the great work Adrian, it is very much appreciated by all involved in our Testashadow journey!”

Anthony Martin (Sydney, NSW)

“Elite Thoroughbreds Owner/Manager Adrian runs a professional and enjoyable setup were he provides video and written updates and trainer audio reports on a regular basis. He is happy to take calls from multiple owners and is a tremendous link to the stable of Gary Portelli. I could not be happier with my decision to purchase into Imperial Rule not only because she is showing significant potential but because of the way that all parties are handling my involvement to date. Having already been involved in racing before I had shopped around before committing to Elite Thoroughbreds. This experience has been nothing but positive and has made owning a race horse easy and enjoyable to the point that recently, I invested in a second syndicate (Vincero)!”

Damien Bonanni (Sydney, NSW)

“I first met Adrian Allan in April 2013 after selecting two of his Elite horses from the very many I had researched. Over a casual lunch I found Adrian to be very knowledgeable about the racing game and also very honest and realistic about possible outcomes of being involved in a syndication. I found Adrian’s honest approach and genuine love of horse racing very refreshing and decided to sign up with an Elite Syndication. I have not been disappointed. The group of people in the Syndicate are a great bunch of fellow enthusiasts and we are all kept completely up to date, on a weekly basis, with every aspect of our horses training and condition. I am pleased to say that our horse, Testashadow, has proved to be another Elite winner. Thank you Adrian for all your time and effort to get things right.”

Les Vaughn (Sydney, NSW)

“About time! someone that returns phone calls and does not make you feel like a ‘mug’ for calling and asking questions. Adrian has set the bar very high as far as service levels go. Without a doubt, Elite Thoroughbreds is as good as it gets when it comes to racehorse syndications and communication. I regard Adrian as a mate these days and someone that I can trust. Thank you for making me feel like i’m not just another number. I look forward to buying many more with Elite in the future”

Vic Denina (Sydney, NSW)

“I have had a great time with Elite Thoroughbreds crew! My wife and I have been introduced to something that we used to dream about, and the dream has not been a letdown. What a thrill it is to see our girl at open days, trials and race days… What a day it was seeing our girl two lengths clear with 50m to go… simply amazing! And now, proudly mounted in my study is something to remember that Saturday city win by. We have met new people and have already cemented many good relationships. As far as Adrian is concerned, he is prompt, clear, and tells it like it is, providing all the information that I require. Trainer Gary Portelli is a top man, approachable, and even remembers your name! I can recommend Elite Thoroughbreds to anyone who is interested in syndicate ownership. They are honest, ethical, and put themselves in your place… the owner of a racehorse!”

Peter Beyerman (Sydney, NSW)

“Elite Thoroughbreds are not just professional, they make me and my family feel that we are an important part of the syndicate regardless of the size of our share. Adrian has become a mate. He keeps us in the loop with regular emails, calls and footage. Adrian always makes us feel like we are a big family gathering together on race days. Our recent experiences in the winner’s lounge has been sensational. The most important thing is that Adrian ensures that Testashadow’s wellbeing always comes first. Looking forward to many more race days with my Testashadow family and winner’s lounge celebrations!”

Robert Angeloni (Sydney, NSW)

“Whilst the enjoyment for racehorse ownership culminates on race day and hopefully time in the winners lounge, you can also appreciate the experience by monitoring the horse’s progress leading up to the race. I have had an active involvement in race horse ownership now for more than 10 years and I could not be happier with the ongoing support and the degree of information provided by Adrian from Elite Thoroughbreds on the progress of my horses. Adrian clearly understands what is needed to exceed the expectations of owners in these area’s, in an industry that generally does not get it right”

Rod Booker (Sydney, NSW)

“I have recently joined an Elite Thoroughbreds syndicate and cannot express how happy I am with the attention shown by Adrian on all aspects of my ownership. Adrian has made my ownership so rewarding in so many ways: He has a great relationship with Gary Portelli and together they have combined to purchase and train a colt I could not be happier with. Adrian provides regular, detailed updates in numerous formats, written, video and audio direct from the trainer including timely information such as barrier trial footage, newspaper articles and form guides. Adrian also advises promptly on race day details such as horse preparation, jockey changes and owner attendance. Everything I need to know without having to ask! Adrian has responded to all my correspondence promptly and often outside of business hours. Having owned other racehorses I rate my experience with Elite Thoroughbreds as exceptional and would not hesitate in recommending them as my first choice of syndicators. Adrian clearly takes his job seriously and works tirelessly to achieve results for his owners.”

Stefan Seifert (Hunter Region, NSW)

“I currently own shares in two horses with Elite Thoroughbreds and I could not speak highly enough of Adrian and his operation. The first time I called Adrian to enquire about shares we spoke for 45 minutes and he answered any questions I threw at him, where as other syndicators gave me 5 minutes. The communication is second to none and as such was beyond my expectations. Adrian gives owners every possible chance when it comes to selecting a racehorse, and tries to make it as affordable as possible. I have enjoyed every minute of the ownership experience thus far, and I look forward to owning plenty more. You are a champion Adrian! I now know why your experienced owners consider your operation to be number one! Keep doing what you do best!”

Jason Cameron (Sydney, NSW)

“Being a first time owner, Elite have shown professionalism and direction, guiding me along the way and involving me in every detail of my horses preparation with explanations on everything I have asked. I certainly know a lot more now than I did before. Love it!. The regular updates on his progress are an important part of ensuring the owners remain as informed as possible and this is an area Adrian has managed extremely well. Being based in Brisbane, the updates, videos and photos of Exceeded are forwarded to me on a weekly basis, with no prompting required. Exceeded is coming up to his first start and as an owner I know that he will be treated in the best possible way and will be given every chance to compete. I recommend to anyone out there interested in horse syndication and ownership to give Elite Thoroughbreds a go… I did!”

Wayne Vohland (Brisbane, QLD)

“Mr Adrian Allan has had several of his ‘Elite Thoroughbreds’ horses with us and has proven himself as a very good client, he has at all times kept his accounts to date. While his horses are in our care, Mr Allan has kept in contact and closely followed the progress of his horses. We break in and educate Elite Thoroughbreds yearlings, and Adrian certainly has a good eye for a nice type of horse. I have no hesitation in endorsing Adrian Allan from Elite Thoroughbreds as a valued client”

Niki Chapman & Shane Rose (Bimbadeen Park, Werombi)

“Without doubt I rate Elite Thoroughbreds the top of the tree when it comes to racehorse syndication! The communication between yourself and us (the owners) is excellent, from the track work videos, weekly and sometimes more often email updates, photos of our horses spelling etc. Your selection of excellent horsemen such as Gary Portelli our trainer right down to the pre training and spelling facilities are first class. There is no doubt myself and my syndicate will be buying again from Elite Thoroughbreds in the future. I have horses with other syndicators and rate Elite Thoroughbreds a class above the others. Keep up the good work!”

Cindy Kate Racing Syndicate (Phil Giles)

“As a first time owner, I have been really pleased with the high standard of service from Elite Thoroughbreds. The weekly updates are a real highlight and they make horse ownership a great experience and just add to the excitement week in, week out! Elite Thoroughbreds has a great eye for quality horses that do not cost a fortune and they work closely with a network of highly skilled professionals. Add excellent communication to the mix and you have got a syndicator that is simply second to none.”

Jeff Cooke (Gosford, NSW)

“I have fell for the ‘great results’ most lay claim to and have joined many syndicates in the past on account of this so called success. After a while, you learn to read the fine print – they never tell you that their latest success story, is one of 15, 20, even 30 plus purchases! It can be quiet frustrating when you invest with a syndicator whom claims to have a great rate of consistent success, yet you and hundreds of other owners have horses that are slow or do not even make the track. Eventually, you learn to look a little closer. I came across Elite Thoroughbreds via word of mouth and followed their purchases, how many they purchased, how many made the track and which of those went on to win races. My eyes were opened! Pushing all the self proclaimed experts aside, I am now taking a punt with boutique operator, Elite Thoroughbreds. I noticed that whilst Elite may buy just a handful of yearlings a year, over the past few years, most have won races and a significant number end up competing in town! As far as dealing with Adrian goes; there is no selling you the dream, no mincing words – he is upfront and realistic about expectations. Having followed horses like Testashadow, I’m All The Talk & Straturbo, Elite seems to exceed those expectations on a regular basis. I did not feel like I was talking to a ‘used car salesman’, and Adrian’s honest and realistic approach is refreshing – something many operators should use as an example! I look forward to hopefully becoming a part of another Elite Thoroughbreds success story!”

Paul Miller (Perth, WA)

“The dream of racing a horse had always seemed a somewhat an elusive prospect for me. However since my introduction to Adrian Allan of Elite Thoroughbreds, the dream has finally become a reality. A reality which is developing into an exciting journey for me and a great group of mates. After a well informed discussion with Adrian, we initiated a syndicate consisting of 8 members, and invested into the partnership of a 2yr old filly with Elite Thoroughbreds, which has given us the opportunity to experience the sensation of racing a horse at an affordable cost. Since my involvement with Elite, I must commend Adrian on the professionalism and dedication he has displayed that of which is of the highest quality. The communication level between Adrian and us, the owners, has allowed us all to be strongly involved in the progress of our filly – Lets Hussle. The regular updates on her progress are an important part of ensuring the owners remain as informed as possible and this is an area Adrian has managed extremely well. Updates and photos of Lets Hussle are forwarded to us on a weekly basis, with no prompting from the owners required. There is no doubt, that with these strong attributes consistently applied by Adrian, Elite Thoroughbreds will continue to stamp its reputation on the racing industry as a distinct and successful thoroughbred syndicator. We are all extremely eager and excited to see Lets Hussle make it to the track in the very near future, and look forward to the continued association with Adrian and Elite Thoroughbreds. I strongly recommend any horse racing enthusiasts to consider the prospect of enjoying the thrill of racing a horse, with the well managed and ever improving organisation of Elite Thoroughbreds”

Out Of the Gates Syndicate (Nathan Barr)

“’As a first time owner I was surprised and delighted at how easy Elite Thoroughbreds made the transition from punter to owner. Adrian Allan and the entire operation operate to the highest professional standards and provide constant updates for the owners. Not only is Adrian a professional, he’s a very personable bloke and a pleasure to deal with. I’d thoroughly recommend Elite to any prospective owner. I’m hoping to be in the market for a second horse shortly and will do so through Elite”

Brendan Rogan (Sydney, NSW)

“I have been associated with Elite Thoroughbreds as a client for the past 6 months. In this time I have found Adrian to be very professional and helpful. Updates on my horses are always on time and very informative. I have certainly enjoyed my time thus far and look forward to enjoying race track success with the Elite Thoroughbreds team. I would not consider going anywhere else!”

Aby Tannous (Sydney, NSW)

“On behalf of myself, Peter and Brett I would like to say that your notes and updates are excellent. As far as our horse ‘Lets Hussle’ is concerned, we have been informed at every stage of her progress to date. We appreciate and thank you for your help”

Bite the Bullet Syndicate (Kerrie Stewart)

“As a syndication novice, Adrian of Elite Thoroughbreds has kept me regularly informed of our horse’s progress and the running’s of the organisation. He is thoroughly professional and possesses knowledge of everything there is to know in thoroughbred racing”

Steve Bridge (Sydney, NSW)

“All the work that you do is fantastic for us at Maddam racing syndicate. Your efficiency with the updates and letting us know how the horse (Lets Hussle) is going is outstanding. You are in contact with us at least once a week and always let us know what your next step is. 3 words that would describe Elite Thoroughbreds would be efficient, fantastic and amazing”

Maddam Racing Syndicate (Adam Meilak)


PO Box W113, Parramatta Westfield, NSW, 2150

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