Elite Thoroughbreds is a Sydney based racehorse syndication company who prides itself in quality yearling selection and customer service. We strive to make thoroughbred ownership easy and enjoyable. Syndicates are fast becoming the most popular way into horse ownership. Being a part of a syndicate enables you to experience all the fun of racing for a fraction of the cost. Whether you are visiting your horse in the spelling yard or on the race track, it is a great thrill for everyone involved. From a country maiden to a Group One city race there are no words to describe that ‘winning feeling’.

The ‘Elite’ business model enables us to confidently select quality yearlings at all the major sales in Australia.

As your thoroughbreds manager we ensure that your investment is properly taken care of. From the time of purchase to the race track, we only use recognized professionals, some of which are regarded by many as the ‘best in the business’.

Owners are constantly kept up to date on your horse’s movements and activities through audio, e-mail and video footage. We encourage owners to be involved as much as possible. Whether you own 5% or 50%, all owners are entitled to owner privileges which include open days, race day tickets, race trials, track work visits and promotional gear.

Elite Thoroughbreds management services insure that you are informed about your horses every move.

When your horse is spelling, a report is relayed to owners every couple of weeks. Photos or video footage will be forwarded along with weight reports and comments when available.

When your horse is in pre-training, a report is relayed to owners every 1-2 weeks. Photos or video footage may be provided. A report from the pre-trainer will be available and owners will be kept up to date as to when your horse will be ready to go into full work with the trainer

When your horse is in full work, owners will receive an update every week at a minimum. Possible race nominations, track work reports and trial information will be provided. Stable footage will be recorded every so often and forwarded to the owners. Live trainer comments will also be made available. When racing, multiple emails are sent throughout the week providing all the necessary details (e.g. pre-race & post-race report, pre-parade footage & recorded jockey comments and feedback.)

Follow-up reports regarding how your horse has come through its trial or race are provided by way of trainer audio.

When selecting a yearling we have a process which we adhere to. We believe that this process enables us to select and purchase quality rather than quantity. It is broken down into 5 steps.

1. The sales catalogue is studied and yearlings are selected based on pedigree and where the yearling was bred. Other factors such as residual value are also considered.

2. The yearlings selected on pedigree are then assessed purely on physical attributes and conformation. Yearlings that are not deemed suitable are eliminated from the list.

3. The revised list is then passed onto the trainer who will assess both pedigree and conformation. Yearlings are only considered if the trainer approves. No one person in the industry spends more time with a racehorse during its racing career than the trainer himself. The trainer then submits the list of yearlings that he approves.

4. This list is then passed onto the vet who will return with his findings and a report based on x-rays and scope exams (i.e. low risk, etc). If a yearling does not pass the vet inspection, it is then eliminated from the list of possible purchases.

5. The remaining yearlings are then re-evaluated. We attempt to purchase the selected yearlings if they fall within our price range. Price range is determined by the findings and conclusions of the vet and trainer.

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