Elite Racing League


Why waste your money on micro shares? We know that it is almost impossible to see a return, yet an owner still has to pay an upfront fee and inflated upkeep cost every month. And all just to follow one horse!

Why not be involved with a whole stable of horses and receive updates & video content for just $3 per week!

By becoming a member of the ELITE RACING LEAGUE, you will have access to weekly reports on all horses under the ‘Elite’ banner (presently 27 horses – this will differ from regular owner updates) as well as additional footage & reports, trainer interviews, race tips, Q & A’s, Open Day parades and much more!

CLICK HERE to visit our Elite Racing League page and take advantage of our 7-day free trial!

Be involved from the ground up!


PO Box W113, Parramatta Westfield, NSW, 2150

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