A variety of spellers and pre-trainers are used specifically to suit your horses requirements. Whilst it may be an easier task as a manager to keep all 'spellers' in the same facility, this is not an ideal approach when trying to get the very best out of your racehorse. For this reason, we use the very best in the business. Facilities such as GT Park, Jazcom & Muskoka specialize in certain areas. For example, GT Park would be ideal for those thoroughbreds who require an extended period of time away from racing due to a setback or injury. Their facilities are ideal for this scenario, giving your racehorse the best opportunity possible to make a speedy & healthy return.

The facilities at Jazcom are ideal for horses that require extra weight and size on returning from a spell. Their feeding programme and feed quality have produced astounding results for horses that are naturally a little 'lighter framed'. This has also resulted in an impressive record, when looking at how many of our 'Elite' horses have won their first up assignment after spelling at Jazcom.

It is important that such attention is paid to detail, especially during your horses recuperation period. This is where all the difference is made when it comes to your horses physical progression over time - Our horses really DO come first!